Pronoun-verb agreement can be a tricky concept for fourth-graders to grasp, but it`s an important one to learn as they continue to develop their English language skills. Thankfully, there are many worksheets and exercises available online that can help reinforce this concept.

Before we dive into the worksheets, let`s review what pronoun-verb agreement means. Essentially, it refers to making sure that the verb in a sentence matches the subject pronoun. For example, “She runs” is correct because the subject pronoun “she” requires the verb “runs” instead of “run.”

Now, onto the worksheets! The first type of worksheet typically presents a sentence with a blank space where the verb should go. The student then chooses the correct verb from a list of options that match the subject pronoun in the sentence. For example:

– ________ to the store every day. (He/She/They) (go/goes/went)

In this example, the student would choose “goes” because the subject pronoun “he” or “she” requires a singular verb.

Another type of worksheet might present a sentence with an incorrectly matched verb, and the student must identify the error and fix it. For example:

– The dogs barks loudly. (incorrect)

– The dogs bark loudly. (correct)

These types of worksheets are useful for reinforcing the concept of pronoun-verb agreement through both recognition and correction.

Some worksheets may also incorporate more complex sentence structures that include phrases or clauses, which can add an extra layer of difficulty to the exercise. For example:

– Every day after school, ________ to the park to play. (he/she/they) (go/goes/went)

In this example, the student must recognize that the introductory phrase “Every day after school” does not affect the subject-verb agreement, and therefore “he” or “she” would require the singular verb “goes.”

Overall, pronoun-verb agreement worksheets for fourth graders can be a valuable tool in reinforcing this important grammatical concept. By practicing these exercises, students can develop a better understanding of how to use pronouns and verbs correctly in their writing and communication.